Materials & Care

Our pearl jewelry is for an everyday wear and meant to last a lifetime. We use the highest quality precious metals, ethically sourced diamonds, and semi-precious stones. Each piece is also verified by our GIA certified gemologist. See our tips to keep your jewelry looking brand sparkling new.


ONE OF A KIND JUST LIKE YOU. We use cultured, one of a kind pearls that are farmed from freshwater mussels. These natural gems are organic and usually have irregular shapes and slight imperfections. Whereas fake pearls are man made using materials like plastic, the real deal is sensitive and requires special attention to maintain its beauty.

CARE: Make sure your pearls are the last thing you put on before going out and the first thing you remove when you are back home. Avoid making direct contact with harsh chemicals that can be found in cosmetics and perfume. Store your pearls separately from other jewelry to avoid scratching its delicate surface. Wipe your pearls gently with your Nishi Pearls polishing cloth after each wear.


DIAMONDS ARE A PEARLS BEST FRIEND. We use high quality diamonds, which we ethically source from suppliers who follow conflict-free and socially responsible practices. Diamonds are the hardest naturally occurring substance found on earth.

CARE: Abrasive surfaces, harsh chemicals, and sharp blows can damage even the most durable gemstone. To clean your diamonds, gently scrub the stone with a soft toothbrush and warm soapy liquid. Keep your diamond jewelry in its Nishi Pearls pouch separated from other jewelry pieces.


KEEPING IT REAL: We use precious and semi precious stones, like natural white topaz, to complement our pearl jewelry.

CARE: Gently scrub the stones with a soft toothbrush and warm soapy liquid. Keep the jewelry stored in your Nishi pouch.

Sterling Silver

EVERYTHING STERLING: Pure silver is relatively soft and easily damaged. Our 925 sterling silver is a mix of 92.5% pure silver and copper to ensure its durability. It is then plated with one of the costliest metals, rhodium. This gives it a shine and keeps it from tarnishing.

CARE: We recommend you wearing your jewelry often! The oils in your skin will prevent the silver from oxidizing. Don’t forget to avoid water, and store your pieces in your Nishi Pearls pouch.


STAY GOLDEN: As the most malleable of all precious metals, gold is perfect for crafting designs with very intricate details. We use 10 & 14kt pure gold which does not oxidize or discolour.

CARE: Polish it often to maintain its lustre. You can keep your jewelry looking its best by gently scrubbing it with your Nishi Pearls polishing cloth or with a soft toothbrush and warm water.

Gold Vermeil

COLOUR COATED: Don’t confuse vermeil with gold plating; for a piece to be considered vermeil, the gold plating must be thicker than usual. This ensures their long lasting colour. For a jewelry piece to be considered vermeil, silver is plated with at least 1.5 microns of 10kt gold.

CARE: Remove your vermeil jewelry in the shower, when swimming and exercising as this may discolour it.

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