Taking abstract cues from architectural shapes and forms singular to the cities our founders have visited along their many journeys across the globe, Be Wilder expresses the duality of strength and delicacy in the world that surrounds us. Crafted in precious silver and gold vermeil, the pieces display a contrast of enduring materials and exquisite daintiness that can be worn with a basic tee and jeans or draped in your favorite evening wear. Sophisticated, feminine yet bold, the Be Wilder collection truly goes with anything.

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Gleaming with dazzling diamonds and white topaz and handcrafted from solid gold and sterling silver; each Oro piece feels like nothing short of a one-of-a-kind. Modern yet infinitely demure, the designs play with materials and elements as the collection epitomizes a beauty that is centered around small details.

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Classics with a modern twist, the Essentials collection will take you from work on Monday and on to the dancefloor on a Saturday night.
Edgy, versatile and eye-catching, the collection highlights pearls’ natural beauty in their most essential interpretation. Occasionally daring, sometimes minimalist; the pieces range from extravagant white pearl necklaces to sleek bezel sets and stacker rings. 

  • elegant minimalist pearl earring
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