Real Moments • Real Pearls

We draw our inspiration from you. Our genuine pearls are cultured from sustainable pearl farms and designed to reflect your versatility and individuality.

Our Founders

4th Generation Jewelers

As 4th generation jewelers, our founders Alique and Arka grew up in the world of jewelry, seeing parents and grandparents from both sides of their family traveling the world in search for the most unique pieces and the best quality materials; carefully creating and curating collections for their customers.

With family-owned pearl farms and having a naturally acquired legacy of skilled artistry, it was only natural for Alique and Arka to launch Nishi Pearls. The brand was founded with a three-fold objective: to reinvent pearl jewelry while offering high quality and conscious jewelry at fair prices.

Our Designs

Sketch to Reality

All of our designs begin with you. We design for you, so you can design for yourself. From sketch, to reality we have one thing in mind: designing to reflect your versatility and individuality.

All of our designs are made in house by our co-founder and designer Alique. Women are constantly evolving and so is their style. The aim has always been to design jewelry that can support every look, every outfit and every moment. We aim to design jewelry that sits on people’s necks, not in a safety deposit box. 

Our Quality

40 Years of Craftsmanship

Real products require real attention. We ethically source highest quality sterling silver, 10 and 14kt pure gold for our pieces to stand the test of time. We use real pearls harvested from our family-owned sustainable farms. Each pearl is unique, we take the time to match by size and color followed by drilling and gluing, all by hand. At our atelier, minutes are hours because real products require real attention. No shortcuts, no cost cutting, no machines. Only organic pearl jewelry made by 4th generation craftsmen. We know – beautiful, inside and out.

Our Giving

Nishi Cares

Redefined pearls, for a redefined world

Those who care, make sure to share. Our founders Alique and Arka both have a determination to make a meaningful, positive impact. This resulted in the creation of Nishi Cares, a platform on which Nishi Pearls and various organizations partner to create limited-edition pieces whose net-proceeds all go towards a cause.

All the projects initiated under Nishi Cares has the objective of giving greater access to education; being for women newcomers in Canada through our Second Chance project, or for young musicians through the Pearl Accent project.

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